Tips On Cooking For Busy Moms On The Go!

Follow the tips provided by professional chef and busy mom Michelle Karam to prepare a delicious and healthy one-pot roasted chicken with vegetables. Prep time is minimal and the result is a savory and aromatic dinner your family will appreciate and enjoy. Ms. Karam makes it look easy … and it is. It’s a great […] Read more »

Great Ideas For Lunch For This School Year

Another brilliant nutritional video on tips for school lunches. This time about assembling healthful and nutritious school lunches for your children. This is for parents who can’t come up with school lunch ideas, and are stressed about the health of their children. In this video, the host covers everything from which lunch boxes use to […] Read more »

Video games benefit children: study

The article cites a new study that has found that children actually benefit far more from playing video games over the summer, rather than watching TV. The study showed that playing video games, instead of watching TV, actually boosted the child’s self-esteem, cognitive skills, and even physical activity levels. This lead to the study proclaiming […] Read more »

Video Of The Week: Tips for Keeping Kids’s Snacks Healthy

Katherine Lee and Danielle Butler-Leu suggest a few healthy snacks for kids. Their tips include lots of fresh fruit, almonds, and almond butter. One of the most important rules the hosts give are to avoid processed foods. Home-made popcorn is suggested instead of a bag of chips, this avoids excess calories, sodium, and preservatives. Water […] Read more »

Can Breakfast Make Kids Smarter?

Children have already heard how important a good breakfast is when it comes to feeling awake and alert. There have even been many studies over the decades showing this to be true. However, only recently has there been any studies to show whether eating breakfast makes kids smarter. According to the University of Pennsylvania, a […] Read more »

Can Breakfast Make Kids Smarter?

YES, sure because breakfast contains iron calcium proteins vitamins etc which activate kids body cells and some of the food from nature gives more energy to kids and it has proved scientifically and the important thing is kids have to take a breakfast in a time. by taking regular breakfast they won’t get tired in […] Read more »