Carpet Cleaners In Denver CO

No matter how much you vacuum and sweep your carpet, it will eventually need to be professionally cleaned. The experience and advanced methods of our professional steam carpet cleaning service make it the company to call when you need your carpets clean and spotless.

Some carpet cleaning companies try to cut costs by cutting corners. They do not use the latest equipment or the best techniques. We use only the strongest and most powerful equipment to clean your carpet. Dirt, pet hair, pollen and mold spores are blasted loose from the fibers of your carpet with our steam equipment. We then use a commercial-grade vacuum to suck the fibers completely dry. You will not need to wait for hours before you can walk comfortably on it in your bare feet or socks.

Certain cut-rate carpet cleaning companies try to keep their prices artificially low by not being very thorough. They try to save time and money by neglecting room corners and other areas that are not heavily used. We make sure to take the time to work on high-traffic areas of your carpet such as stairs and hallways and also on seldom-used nook and crannies. We know that just because these areas are not often walked on, they still can be soiled by airborne contaminants including dirt-attracting cooking oil residue and smoke from cigarettes or a fireplace.

Simply having the rug shampooed will not work if you want a deep-down clean. Shampooing will remove minor stains, but it tends to make the carpet look dirty later. This is because a small amount of shampoo residue is always left after cleaning. Shampoo residue is like a magnet for dirt and dust.

Do not settle for anything less than the cleanest carpets you can have. Call our professional steam cleaning service today.