Can Breakfast Make Kids Smarter?

Children have already heard how important a good breakfast is when it comes to feeling awake and alert. There have even been many studies over the decades showing this to be true. However, only recently has there been any studies to show whether eating breakfast makes kids smarter.

According to the University of Pennsylvania, a recent study has shown that children that eat breakfast everyday have better verbal and performance scores on their IQ tests. The study showed that a child eating breakfast each day scores 5.58 points higher on verbal IQ tests and 4.6 points higher on their overall IQ tests.

Kids’ cognitive ability is rapidly developing at 6 years old. Eating breakfast can enhance the child’s ability to learn quicker and has even been shown to enhance social abilities. After a night of sleep, the body requires fuel to be resupplied to the brain. Breakfast is a way of refueling the brain after a night with no nutrition. While sitting down to breakfast with parents has a significant social aspect on brain development.

Many schools are starting to incorporate a breakfast hour or have begun to delay school start times to ensure more children have time to eat breakfast and parents have additional time to socialize with their children in the morning.

Social development has also been proven to increase a child’s IQ. During breakfast time, children have an opportunity to increase their vocabulary, comprehend story telling and pick up general knowledge, as well as develop communications skills.

While parents play an important role, several schools still need to develop standards that will help their students benefit cognitively by having the opportunity to eat breakfast. By having breakfast each morning the children will find that their verbal and mechanical skills are sharper, as well as being able to perform better, which will make them smarter. Children that do not have the opportunity to eat breakfast can lag behind and not be able to comprehend the morning curriculum. Remember, sit down and eat a breakfast to make kids smarter, whether it is in the home or at school.