A Dog Loving Every Minute Of This Bath – Funny!

This is so funny! I wish my dogs enjoyed taking a bath as much as this furry one. He looks as if he is smiling the entire time. When you give dogs a bath always use dog formulated shampoo. Because human shampoos have a different pH level. And human shampoos seem to be harsher detergents. […] Read more »

A Senior Dog SAVED – Great Video!

Caretakers at Garland Rescue Ranch talk about a 10 year old dog named Chelsea. They explain that, after being abandoned by her owner, she was brought to the ranch but never adopted because she was older most desirable adoptees and because she had a deformity (a benign fatty lump of tissue of her side). Adopting […] Read more »

VIDEO “MTV CRIBS” Doggie Style Homes

That was hilarious. I bet my dog wishes he had a crib like that! I noticed they were using the video as a clever ploy to sell their (assumedly) home made dog collars. Very cool! I make and sell dog accessories myself, and can appreciate the handiwork. What a great, healthy looking dog though. He […] Read more »

Funny VIDEO – You Won’t Stop Laughing!

Very funny video of some dogs … I love the dog jumping up out of the grass. I also love how the dog rolls into the water too. So funny and I couldn’t stop laughing. I love the yoga dog as well. I couldn’t stop laughing at the dogs laughing too. Very cute video and […] Read more »

Video Of Adorable Sleeping Puppies!

Nothing is cuter than a sleepy puppy or kitten. Over the years we have had puppies and kittens both and they are just like human babies. When they get sleepy, that’s it, nothing is going to stop them. It doesn’t matter where or what they are doing. The eyes get heavy and they just don’t […] Read more »

Video Of A 9 yr Old Great Dane Having Fun!

Honey the Great Dane that is in the video is 9.5 years old. poor honey has lost one eye to glaucoma but shows a lot of life still. Just because you’re a senior dog doesn’t mean you can’t have fun adventures and love life! Honey does a lot of things using mental activity like training […] Read more »

Video On How To Care For Our Senior Pets

Dr. April Miles talks about when your pet is considered to be senior. He discusses why regular vet visits are important shares what vets will look for and he informs us on what to expect as our senior animal ages. Very informative video on how life changes the older our pets grow. Pets make messes […] Read more »