Bulldogs in Some Swings – Cute Video

Very cute video of two french bull dogs in swings at a playground. They are so mellow, cool, calm, and collected swinging back and forth and they don’t seem to care one bit…I could honestly never get my puppies to do this in a swing at all! My dog would freak out. It’s amazing they […] Read more »

5 Supplies to Keep Your Senior Dog Healthy

This is a good video on items for a senior dog. Senior Dogs need some extra care, extra love, and attention. I enjoyed this video and am glad to know people care. I like the new e collar! That is much better and then you won’t have to endure the cone hitting your shins! I […] Read more »

Adopting A Senior Dog

This video goes over dog adoption and what to do when you bring home a senior dog. Good instructional video and how to. Dog joys are simple. A soft bed, food in the morning and at night, a bath on occasional, and always a welcome and warm heart when seen by your human. A gentle […] Read more »

I Love That “Old Grey Dog” – Music Video

This is a beauitful song and so cute. I do love my old grey dog. He is seventeen this July and there is nothing better than him looking at me when I get home. I love how old dogs have such a tender heart and soul. They truly care deeply for you as much as […] Read more »

Cute Puppies !

This is a cute video of a bunch of cute dogs. Everyone of the puppies on here was adorable and very cute looking. I love seeing pictures and video of puppies because they are so cute. Their eyes are the best thing in the world. I always enjoy a good dogs eyes. They are a […] Read more »

Cute Video Of A Shiba Inu !!!

I have a little Cocker Spaniel who hates to get his teeth brushed. I have tried everything to get him to let me brush his teeth but it’s still a no go. I’ve even tried those little dental bones but they don’t seem to help much either, or for very long. It makes me feel […] Read more »

Adopt A Pet ! Great Video !

This is a short powerful video that makes you want to help out and adopt an animal! It’s amazing how much money and tax dollars go towards euthanizing … I had no idea. I do agree that we do need spay and neuter the animals because there are so many without homes why to we […] Read more »

Dog Saves Kid ! Amazing Video !

Dogs are known as mans best friend for a reason. There is a special bond that exists between a dog and a human. Dogs are just about the only creature that gets enjoyment from serving another species. The heroic Australian Cattle Dog was a great example of a dog doing his best to look out […] Read more »