Assistance Dog “Elsey” Helps Virginia – GREAT STORY OF ANIMAL COMPANIONSHIP

Dogs have long been known for their loyalty to their human companions. Although their temperaments vary among the different breeds, most dogs are very intelligent and innately compassionate and can be trained to do many different tasks to assist their human companions. Some dogs are trained for military or law enforcement purposes, to track, hunt, protect, and locate. These animals are considered to be just as important as any other member of the team. Other dogs are trained for utility purposes, to assist blind or handicapped individuals and can be the difference between maintaining an independent life and existing in an assisted-living situation. Most dogs are simply family members referred to as who give their human companions unconditional love and acceptance. Unlike many people in our lives, the family dog is always happy to see us. In any case, a strong bond is formed between the animal and its human – a bond of trust, loyalty and fidelity. This bond can be as strong as the bond between human friends. A dog is more than a pet, a dog is a friend for life.

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